Geek Trivia: The Pringle Mascot Is Recognized As?


Geek Trivia

The Pringle Mascot Is Recognized As?


Papa Pringles


Julius Pringles

Folks Who Modify Their Our bodies With Cybernetic Enhancements Are Recognized As?

Example of the Pringles logo with the iconic mascot
Procter & Gamble

Reply: Julius Pringles

The Pringles mascot, a mustachioed man, was designed within the late 1960s by Louis R. Dixon. Though the mascot has modified through the years: dropping the rosy markings on his cheeks, altering his hair from black to brown, and most lately dropping his eyebrows and lips, one factor has remained fixed over time: his identify.

A very good mascot is greater than only a fairly face and will at all times have a correct identify. Must you come throughout the Pringles man on the road, you can provide him a heat welcome together with his full identify: Julius Pringles. What compelled them to call him Julius? Whereas firm lore is murky and unclear on why particularly Julius was chosen, it ought to be fairly apparent to the informal observer: an old-timey man with a mustache that magnificent deserves a correctly magnificent old-timey identify like Julius.

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